The main focus in Yoon’s work are ”humans” and the various practices and activities that evolves/circulates around and deals with being a living being. The interaction we make with our surroundings, humans as well as animals, non humans; architecture and objects.

How we navigate within the different structures and environments we create and how we are always being directed, connected and divided.

How terms like culture, origin, religion, sexuality and gender are practiced in different areas and how this affect and shape us both as individuals and as society. Questioning the importance, the distinction and the hierarchy of certain colors, affiliation/the/our need of belonging and the desire to connect to something or someone. The constant strive towards productivity, ownership and identity, becoming someone/body. The threads we constantly weave in and out of, internal as well as external. The exchange of stories, fluids, objects, knowledge, conversations, labour, lives and deaths. Boiling eggs perfectly; neither over nor under cooked.

Participation and collaboration is often an important element in Yoon’s practice.

At times her work mimics a testing and surveillance like approach where observance, interviews and experiments and the outcome of this, becomes the centre of the work. A driving force in her practice and in general is a search for new relations, spaces, images and stories. Storytelling with humor, self irony and tragicomic and contradictionary moves, moves her.

Yoon works in mixed media such as video, text, drawing and sound but is also concerned with projects that does not aim for a physical product.

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