On the never ending tour in the fight for all sexes, sexualities, skin colours and hair styles once again Conchita Pølse comes to the Spirefestival to perform and meet the many fans. The arrangement was made while boarding a plane in Lithuania where he performed at the Kaunas pride. Conchita says that he cannot stop coming back to Denmark where his career was made through winning the European Melodi Grand Prix. And especially she cannot stop coming back to Spirefestival with all you wonderful people. She is bound to perform some of her many hits like ‘Woke up one night with Lars Løkke’, ‘Vi narkomaner kan også være bange’ and ‘Rise like a penis’.

The backing group Venstre Ungdom consists of Shield on drums and Bedstefar on guitar and everything will be amazing so be sure to see Conchita and Venstre Ungdom perform

Mere om Conchita Pølse her:

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